Checkweighers series DWT/HL/HPW are advanced weighing instruments which guarantee failure free and stable operation. Series DWT/HL/HPW provide 100 % control of manufactured goods. Application of with metal detectors gives possibility for testing goods for metal contamination. Checkweighers series DWT/HL/HPW provide full control over goods and they are compatible with HACCP regulations applied in multiple manufacturing plants.
Control system is based on Windows Embedded and data base module operating with application of SQL Server.
Checkweigher series DWT/HL/HPW is dedicated to those customers who require high speed of operation and very good reliability. Flexible design of the device, and possibility of adjusting it to individual requirements, make series DWT/HL/HPW applicable in multiple areas. Industrial computer implemented into the system is designed for operation in hard industrial conditions. Special version of Windows software creates a very stable set with very good operational parameters. Graphic panel provides user friendly and intuitive operation, which has been appreciated by operating personnel.
Checkweigher series DWT/HL/HPW are designed for control of single loads which mass does not exceed 7,5kg. scale software allows for control according to internal procedures of the customer or according to Prepacked Goods Control regulation. the checkweigher is attested by National Health Institute and it is compatible with HACCP standard.
Main applications :
- Agri-food industry
- Chemical industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Meat industry
- Fish industry
Statistics Window Report Window Velocity Adjustment Window
Optical-acoustic signaling device Discriminative drop Stainless steel container for discriminated details
- Control according to PGC regulation,
- Control of goods according to internal customer criteria,
- Collection of data on weighed goods,
- Defining access levels for each operator,
- Discrimination of goods with incorrect weight,
- Discrimination of metal contaminated goods,
- Extended statistics run in real time,
- Build in line efficiency meter,
- Reports generated according to operation mode of the checkweigher,
- Report export to PDF files,
- Possibility of cooperation with other devices in a technological line,
- Possibility of remote control over the scale,
- Smooth adjustment of velocity,
- Autocontrol,
- Cooperation with computer system.
Cooperation with peripheral devices
Checkweigher series DWT/HL/HPW has possibility of connecting peripheral devices, and devices from technological line in which the checkweigher is installed. I/O set provides multiple configurations of the checkweigher with existing technological line.
- Cooperation with feeder in feedback set,
- Cooperation with bar code scanners,
- Possibility of printing on thermal, ink jet and label printers,
- Possibility of controlling conveyors of technological line,
- Remote control,
- Records from weighing process saved on computer.
Manufacturing options:
- Separate discriminator set for “incorrect weight” goods and “metal contaminated” goods,
- Discriminator set in a form of lifting conveyor,
- Optical-acoustic signaling device,
- Cooperation with feeder in feedback set,
- Cooperation with printers and label,
- Two USB ports,
- Profibus interface,
- Software for records from weighing processes.
Basic technical data:
- Windows Embedded industrial system,
- Industrial computer dedicated for operation in hard conditions,
- Graphic touch panel,
- 80 GB of data storage memory,
- SQL Server data base system,
- Ports: RS232, USB and Profibus,
- Ethernet,
- Informative-control outputs control,
- IP55 or IP65,
- Metal detector.
 Technical parameters  DWT/HL 600 HPW  DWT/HL 1500 HPW  DWT/HL 3000 HPW  DWT/HL 6000 HPW  DWT/HL 7500 HPW
 Max capacity  600 g  1500 g  3000 g  6000 g  7500 g
 Readability  0,2 g  0,5 g  1 g  2 g  5 g
 Tare range  -600 g  -1500 g  -3000 g  -6000 g  -7500 g
 Temperature range  0° - +40°C
 Power supply  230V AC, 50Hz
 IP rating  IP 55, IP 65
 Performance  max 180 pcs/min
 Speed  0,1-1 m/s
 Display  graphic with touch screen
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